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This is a unique Pigeon Post of South Country Secrets by 'Euphan' and 'Klaxon'. This is a 1947 Puffin edition including a charming cover and illustrations by William Grimmond.


South Country Secrets comes curated with all the pretty vintage treats you see pictured. Another highlight in this set is 'White Horses' which is a modern recreation by the publisher Design for Today of the 'lost' Puffin Picture Book that Eric Ravilious was working on in 1939. Everything will be beautifully gift-wrapped, making it a special gift or treat for yourself.


In this charming book a family of boys and girls travel from South Africa to see England for the first time. They take on the role of explorers and detectives, identifying places they had often seen in Daddy's album of treasured snapshots of 'home'. The authors are Barbara Euphan Todd (the author of the Worzel Gummidge stories) and her husband. 


'South Country Secrets' Curated Set

  • Each Pigeon Post is sent out by standard second-class mail. A standard fee is added which covers gift-wrapping, postage and packaging for UK orders. 

    The Pigeon likes to fly and is happy to ship internationally. Simply select your country once you have added the book to your book bag (shopping basket). 

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