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In this adventure story by R.J.McGregor, the five Mackie children stumble upon a secret passage leading to a smugglers' cave whilst they are staying in a holiday house in Devonshire. Who is the mysterious intruder who slips round doors too quickly to be recognised? Why are there footprints where no footprints should be? And what about the curious shipwreck located off-shore? This 1963 Puffin edition is illustrated by the talented artist and designer William Grimmond. The beautiful cover art is by Anne Linton. 




The Young Detectives (1963)

Pigeon Post
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    Fledgling: this book is curated with three vintage treats. 


    Bird in the Hand: this book is curated with six vintage treats, a notebook or tote bag, and a selection of mindful suggestions related to the book. 

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